An Aspect of Safety

Seeing as we are now starting a very early flu season, we are all at risk of doing serious damage to ourselves. As we’ve watched 7 people in Indiana die from the flu due to immune deficiency, we all have to understand what risk we are at. A study of the effects of athletic activity and immune response has shown that our body is weakened internally for weeks after serious strain on our bodies.

To combat this, I recommend we all be sure to have plenty of citrus fruits and watch sugar intakes. I am battling something and I am bogged down nightly trying to make it to school the next day. I am working out a small pre-practice  warmup and exercise regimen to help us reach physical fitness and approach full potential.

As for basic physical ailments, my knee is seriously messed up. My kneecap hovering on a joint of fluids and cartilage, tendons, and muscles has been fractured every so slightly because of my failure to warm up and protect this valuable joint. This made it impossible to put a shoe on today and I am wearing a knee brace as I speak. We should all take into account that we are not invincible and push ourselves to properly warm up and limber our joints so that I, or the next person, won’t be forced to sit and hope for a swift recovery.

So I ask at practices we take a fifteen to twenty minute period to follow me in a set of exercises intended to avoid the risk of destroying our bodies. I am not fond of pain, and I am especially not fond of seeing people in pain.

Keep it all in mind, and Lunge Hard.


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