Results – Indiana Middle and High School Championship 2013

If you haven’t seen the results already on, the results from the Indiana Championship tournament are posted – Let me start by saying that I am proud of both Jack Stuckey and Sarah Motley for participating and fencing their bests. You both represented Harrison well! It was also good to see fencers from our local area, West Lafayette Jr. and Sr. High School, as well. Congratulations to Louisa Steup for placing 2nd in Women’s Épée!

I must add: my thanks to Coach John Levy (WLHS) and Maestro Paul Geraci (RCF) for your equipment help. We wouldn’t have gotten there without you! The camaraderie and support from the fencing community makes me proud to be a fencer and now a fencing coach.

Unfortunately, the Indiana Championship represents the close of the high school fencing tournament season. My hope for next year is that Harrison will have more of you participating in this tournament. Many of you are ready for organized competitions, so I’m looking forward to seeing you compete.

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