Final Results: Red Devil JV Invitational


Lowell High School’s Red Devil Fencing Club hosted a 3-blade JV tournament on Saturday, April 27 for students between the ages of 12 and 19 in their first or second year of fencing only. The pools for foil and sabre were quite full for beginning fencers, so it was a pleasant surprise to see so many fencers there! We saw teams and individual fencers from Marian Catholic High School (Chicago Heights, IL), Escrime du Lac (Mishawaka, IN), Tinley Park Fencing Club (Tinley Park, IL), Northwest Indiana Fencing Club (St. John, IN), Homewood-Flossmoor High School Fencing Club (Flossmoor, IL), and of course the Red Devil Fencing Club (Lowell, IN). HHSFC had four entrants in the tournament (listed here in alphabetical order): Jacob Banes (Men’s Foil), Jacob Ginn (Men’s Foil), Sarah Motley (Women’s Foil), and Greg O’Connor (Men’s Sabre).

I was impressed with all of our fencers! Tournament competition can be personally intense at times, testing your physical abilities, emotional control and mental acuity all at the same time. Everyone represented Harrison well, both in character and results! Jacob Banes took first place in Men’s Foil, going undefeated through the entire preliminary round-robin round. Sarah Motley took first place in Women’s Foil, fencing one of the longest direct-elimination bouts in her fencing career to date. Greg O’Connor took third place in Men’s Sabre, an impressive feat considering that he joined the club well after we started and didn’t start with sabre until recently. Congratulations! And a special thanks goes to Jack Stuckey who supported his teammates with cheers, strategy and equipment. Additional thanks go out to the West Lafayette Jr/Sr High School Fencing Club and the Red Devil Fencing Club for loaning us some electric equipment so that our fencers could compete!

Official results can be viewed at askFRED –

4 thoughts on “Final Results: Red Devil JV Invitational

  1. Bob Skurka (Saber Coach R.D.F.C.; Armorer N.I.F.C.; Armorer M.C.H.S.)

    We are glad you had a good time up at Lowell for our first tournament and hope to be fencing all of you in the future. Like your team, we have a brand new team and hope to grow into a full 3 blade, 6 squad team over the next couple of years. Much of the support for this tournament came from the Northwest Indiana Fencing Club, they have offered to host events for us in the future and perhaps we will all meet up there sometime this summer?

    1. Coach Schafer Post author

      Bob – We are definitely interested in future events, even dual meets with our two clubs would be worthwhile! I will discuss the summer option with the club and see how much interest we can get. Now that some of our fencers have had a taste of tournament competition, they are eager to keep going.

      1. Bob Skurka (Saber Coach R.D.F.C.; Armorer N.I.F.C.; Armorer M.C.H.S.)

        During the summer months we could easily arrange for events to be held at the Northwest Indiana Fencing Club, we have 4 electric strips that are permanently set up there, it would be ideal for a ‘dual meet’ and, with advance notice, could be used on Friday evenings or Saturday days. Marc Ryser, our head coach at the N.I.F.C. said he’d be happy to host events, its just a matter of coordinating them between the Club and our 2 teams.

        Let’s make it happen!

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