DIY Hard Blade Cover

FDN-07008-2TI recently ran across an article at that describes how to make a hard blade cover from materials found at your local hardware store (or maybe even laying around in your garage or workshop). This is an easy project that will save some “wear and tear” on transporting your equipment. If you are not familiar with power tools, ask a parent or some other knowledgeable person to help you out. Click on the link below to read the entire article, complete with step-by-step photos:

How To: Make a Hard Blade Cover by Craig Harkins

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About A.B. Schafer

During her high school years, Anita was a competitive fencer primarily fencing in the Midwest and has competed in the Junior Olympics. She brings a wealth of knowledge of techniques, tactics, and strategy to her students. Her focus on self-discipline and self-confidence in class gives her students the ability to succeed both on and off the fencing strip.

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