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Fundraising Campaign 2015 – Ghirardelli Chocolates

As we discussed in practice recently, our first official fundraising activity for the season will be to sell Ghirardelli Chocolates. (This will be the first of a few activities that we will doing to raise money for the club.) If you’re not familiar with Ghirardelli, they are one of very few American manufacturers that make chocolate from the cocoa bean through to finish products. They sell a number of chocolate products, from squares and bars to hot cocoa and baking products. I’ve received the order forms and posters for the campaign, and I will hand these out to you at our next practice on Tuesday, November 18. We have a group goal and individual goals for this campaign, all of which we will discuss at our next practice session.

Remember, all of our fundraising efforts are for hosting our own fencing tournament in the spring. We have some work to do, but getting a head start on all of this will help us to reach our goal.

If you want a look at our fundraising brochures, you can download a copy of one of them from this link: Ghirardelli Holiday Brochure. And if you’re feeling really ambitious, you can line up some sales before you pick up your official brochure this week.