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Ask an Olympic Fencer: How do I beat Darth Vader in a sword fight?

The photo says it all…

Tim Morehouse

Answer: Easy! Attack in his preparation when he raises his light saber over his head!

Darth Vader might have had better technique if he had FENCING IN THE SCHOOLS!!!

Let’s make sure future Darth Vader’s don’t have this issue by donating to help start fencing programs in SCHOOLS!

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An Introduction to Right of Way

The concept of right of way is one that applies to foil and sabre. Wikipedia actually has a decent definition for this concept: Priority or “right of way” is the method used in foil and sabre fencing to determine which fencer receives the point if both fencers land a valid hit at the same time (if both fencers land a valid hit at the same time in épée fencing, they both receive a point). Generally, priority is determined by first considering which fencer attacked first. In order to initiate an attack a fencer must threaten the target area of their opponent with the point of the foil while their arm is extending. When performing a compound attack the fencer must not withdraw the arm by bending the elbow.

Below is a video of a demonstration done by Tim Morehouse and his cohorts at a recent Fencing Masters event in New York. It gives a good introduction into what right of way looks like when watching a bout. Understanding right of way will help you to understand how you can score points in a bout.