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Two Scholarship Programs Open to USA Fencing High School Athletes

usa_fencing_logo_color(Reprinted from USA Fencing’s press release)

The United States Fencing Association (USFA) recently announced they are taking applications for the 2013-14 Absolute Fencing Gear All-Academic Team. The equipment vendor, Absolute Fencing, and the USFA have partnered to recognize young fencers who have excelled in high school with All-Academic Team honors.

Athletes with a GPA of at least 3.85 are eligible to be named to the First All-Academic Team. Second Team athletes will include those whose GPAs were 3.7-3.84. Athletes with 3.5-3.69 GPAs received are recognized on the Honorable Mention Team.

Absolute Fencing has pledged $10,000 in scholarships for the All-Academic Team program. One female and one male applicant will receive $4,000 each based on both their GPA and essay. Two additional applicants will receive $1,000 each based on their submitted essay.

The deadline for the program is May 7, 2014. To apply, click here for the online application.

Connor_PorterIn addition, the Connor Porter Memorial Scholarship is also available for interested applicants.  The scholarship is made possible through the generous donation from Connor’s family members – Trish and Shannon Porter.

Connor passed away on July 26, 2012 in a plane crash with his father, Pat, and another friend shortly after winning bronze in the Division III foil event at the Summer Nationals in Anaheim.  Connor had many friends in the fencing world and was well known for his sportsmanship and encouraging others.

For more information on the Connor Porter Memorial Scholarship, please click here. The online application must be completed by May 7, 2014 and can be accessed through this link.

If you need additional assistance, please contact the National Office at information@usfencing.org.

Tournament and Meet Schedule 2014

South Korea's Jiyeon Kim celebrates winning against Russia's Sofya Velikaya at the end of their women's sabre individual gold medal fencing match at the ExCel venue during the London 2012 Olympic Games August 1, 2012. Credit: Reuters/Max Rossi

South Korea’s Jiyeon Kim celebrates winning against Russia’s Sofya Velikaya at the end of their women’s sabre individual gold medal fencing match at the ExCel venue during the London 2012 Olympic Games August 1, 2012.
Credit: Reuters/Max Rossi

Happy New Year!

With the start of a new calendar year, we are now entering the competition season for high school fencing. I’ve pulled together a short list of competitions for our fencing club. Prior to each event, I will send out a sign-up sheet for the upcoming tournament with key information. If you plan to compete at an event, I will need you to return the sheet with the information requested so that I can make the appropriate arrangements for equipment and transportation.

I’m excited about competition season, and I’m looking forward to seeing how each of you will do this year! As always, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

Harrison High School Fencing Club
Fencing Meets and Tournaments 2013-2014


Jan 11 – Midwest High School Open
HHSFC will not be attending this event as a team–this is an optional event open to individual fencers
Steinbrenner Athletic Center
Culver Academies
1300 Academy Rd., Culver IN 46511
Pre-registration is required, $25 per fencer
See details at http://askfred.net/Events/moreInfo.php?tournament_id=24330

Jan 18 – Great Lakes Junior Varsity Championships
(A Harrison athletic bus has been reserved for this event)
Marian Central Catholic HS
1001 McHenry Ave., Woodstock, IL  60098
Pre-registration is required, $20 per fencer
See details at http://askfred.net/Events/moreInfo.php?tournament_id=24586


Feb 1 – (Tentative) HHSFC vs. West Lafayette HS Fencing Club
West Lafayette Jr/Sr High School
Pre-registration is required, no cost to Harrison fencers

Feb 8 – St. Valentine Massacre USFA Sectional Event
HHSFC will not be attending this event as a team–this is an optional event open to individual fencers
Culver High School Gym
Culver Academies
1300 Academy Rd., Culver IN 46511
USFA Membership required (can be purchased at the venue if you are not a current USFA member)
Foilists – conductive bib will be required
Entry fee – $20 per event, late fees $25 per event
Close of registration will be 15 minutes before the start of the event
See details at http://askfred.net/Events/moreInfo.php?tournament_id=24584

Feb 22 – Indiana Middle and High School Championship
Steinbrenner Athletic Center
Culver Academies
1300 Academy Rd., Culver IN 46511
Pre-registration is required, $25 per fencer
See details at http://askfred.net/Events/moreInfo.php?tournament_id=25038


TBD – Red Devil Fencing Club Tournament
Lowell High School, Lowell, IN
As soon as the date is finalized, I will pass on the information.

TBD – West Lafayette Rumble
As soon as the date and location are finalized, I will pass on the information.

New Registration Forms for 2013-2014

Our first practice is tomorrow, and I’m looking forward to it! The new registration forms are now available and can be downloaded here:

Fencing Club Registration 2013-2014

Please download and print the file. Once you have all the pages filled out and all the signatures, turn in the form to Coach Schafer as soon as possible. As always, if you have any questions, contact Coach by email or by phone.

See you at practice on Tuesday!

Miles Chamley-Watson Wins Worlds

I hope that you (HHS fencers) have been following the 2013 World Fencing Championships in Budapest. If not, many of the bouts will soon be available on YouTube. I was not able to find many that were ready for viewing yet, and unfortunately my cable service provider did not show the television broadcasts of the event. (Grrrr….) But we’ll just have to be patient.

So the headlines are hard to avoid: Miles Chamley-Watson won gold in Men’s Foil, the first U.S. man to win an Individual Senior World Fencing Championship title. Miles, if you’re reading this… Congratulations!! We’re proud of you and your accomplishments, and for setting the bar high for American fencers. There is a short highlight video clip so that you can see the winning touch. For the upcoming videos, go to YouTube and do a search for the World Fencing Championships.

New Tournament: State Games of Michigan

First let me start by acknowledging that school’s out for the summer. Woohooo! I’m not an Alice Cooper fan (sorry!), so I won’t attach his video here. But I think you all get the point. Vacation time!!

stategamesofmichiganFor those of you who are interested in competing in events this summer, I have been informed of a unique opportunity. The Meijer State Games of Michigan are scheduled for June 21 – June 23, 2013 in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The signature event of the West Michigan Sports Commission, the Meijer State Games of Michigan is a multi-sport, Olympic-style event that welcomes athletes regardless of age or ability. Like the Olympics, the Games include an Opening Ceremonies that allows thousands of spectators to witness the Parade of Athletes, Lighting of the Cauldron and experience great entertainment. Having participated in a state competition such as this (Illinois’ ill-fated Prairie State Games), I can tell you that the Olympic-style experience is unlike any other tournament. Athletes from many different sports compete in these types of games, not just fencers, so you get to meet many different people!

Normally these games would be limited to Michigan residents only, but in the case of the fencing event, the doors are open to competitors in neighboring states. You will need electric equipment for the weapon of your choice and a USFA membership, and the registration fee is reasonable considering the size of the event. Since this is a USFA event, any changes in ratings will be earned.

For more information and registration, go to: http://www.stategamesofmichigan.org/index.php?module=cms&page=22. Registration is being handled on AskFRED – http://askfred.net/Events/moreInfo.php?tournament_id=21092.

Any questions can be directed to the Tournament Director, Barb Nemecek via email, nemos3@aol.com. Download State Games of Michigan Flyer (PDF).

International Sabre Fencers to Compete in Chicago

This weekend in Chicago hundreds of sabre fencers from all over the planet will be competing in the Korfanty World Cup sponsored by Absolute Fencing Gear. This is a rare opportunity to see international fencers just a couple of hours from home. Friday, May 3, will be the preliminary competition, and Saturday, May 4, will be the direct elimination rounds. Sunday, May 5, will be the team competitions, similar to the team competitions in the Olympics.

Tickets for the event are only $4-$6. The Korfanty World Cup will be hosted at the Flames Athletic Center at the University of Illinois at Chicago. If you can be there, I strongly encourage you to attend! For tickets and more information, see the event website at http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/346885. Also, since Absolute Fencing is a sponsor, I’m certain that they will have vendor tables set up so you can shop for your own gear while you are there.

Getting Ready for Competitive Fencing

Santelli Fencing Tournament 2012

Photo Credit: Jerry McCrea/The Star-Ledger

If you are ready to make the transition from recreational fencing to competitive fencing, there are some easy, preliminary steps to take prior to arriving on the strip. This post will lay out the steps for getting registered on the askFRED.net website (FRED stands for the Fencing Results and Events Database). There is no cost to register at askFRED; yes, it is free. Doing so will keep you connected to opportunities to fence at meets and open tournaments locally and all across the country.

If you have a USFA membership, you can record your membership information and rankings in your profile with askFRED. But don’t worry–you will not need a USFA membership in order to register.

So, let’s begin!



1. Go to http://askfred.net by clicking on the link provided here.

2. At the top right corner of the page, click on the link “Create Membership“.

3. In the field provided on the page, enter your last name and click GO.






4. On the next screen you will have the option for searching for your name or creating a new profile. (In the example below, I used the last name of “Harrison” for demonstration purposes only.) Unless you have previously fenced in a tournament that may have added your name for you, you will need to make a new fencer record. So, click on the link “Create a New Fencer Record.”










5. The site will produce a form for you to fill out with your personal information (see below):

















When you get to the field requesting your club information, find Harrison High School Fencing Club on the list which will be found alphabetically listed with the other “H” clubs. (Our club abbreviation at askFRED is HHSFC.).

  • For the Division field, select Indiana.
  • If you have any ratings from the USFA, you may enter them here. The numbers after the letter in the rating refer to the year that you attained the rating. For example, “C2013” means that the fencer attained a “C” rating in the year 2013.
  • For the last item on the form, the checkbox for a Bout Committee Account, leave this unchecked.
  • Click on the Register button to submit your information.

You will be able to update your profile information at any time simply by logging back into askFRED and navigating to your profile. Also, you will now be able to pre-register for any fencing event. There may be a few events will allow you to pay your registration through askFRED as well.

Competing in USFA events will give you the opportunity to earn a rating depending on how many athletes compete. In order to compete in USFA events, you will need to have a current USFA membership.

I encourage you to explore the site, taking note of the page for upcoming tournaments. Our club calendar is updated according to these events, however if you find a tournament that you would like to attend on your own, you are free to do so.

Most everything at askFRED is fairly easy to understand, however, if you have any questions just let me know.

From the Rulebook – Penalties

giant_referee_red_yellow_card_prop_01In learning the ins and outs of a sport, one must also know which actions will result in a penalty. Recently some of you have asked about yellow cards, red cards, and black cards. While it is my hope that none of you will incur such penalties, there is the possibility that some will occur. So we should all become familiar with what is good, what is acceptable, what may be tolerated, and what is absolutely an offense.

The following is a link to the USFA’s Penalty Chart which lays out what exactly will yield you a yellow card, a red card, or a black card. This chart is the guiding document for all offenses and will be applied at every formal competition you attend. On a personal note, at local meets and tournaments, directors or referees tend to be a bit more forgiving on some of the minor offenses, usually giving a verbal warning prior to issuing a card. Please do not take this as an absolute–each director has his or her own tolerance level, so do not assume that you can or will “get away with” anything.

USFA Penalty Chart (PDF)

I had considered recreating this chart for all of you on our site, but the USFA chart is quite clear and easy to follow. Included in the chart are links to the applicable paragraphs of the rule book for further clarification. I encourage each of you go get familiar with this chart. As always, if you have any questions, just let me know.