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Results: Harrison-Lowell Dual Meet

We had a great time in St. John today! Though we were small in numbers, everyone fenced well. Neither team had enough epee fencers, so it was just mixed foil and mixed saber. Our thanks to the Lowell HS Red Devils for inviting us to come, and thanks to the Northwest Indiana Fencing Club for hosting our friendly match.

My apologies for not posting any saber results (only because we did not have any Harrison saberists represented in the meet). Our Harrison fencers did well: Jack Stuckey got second place after a well fought bout, only to lose by one touch. Sarah Motley tied for third. Jacob Banes finished in fifth place. All a good showing considering we were facing some varsity level fencers! Lowell fielded a tough team, and it was a great opportunity to face them on the strip.

When we go to these events, I hear from others how impressed they are with all of you. You’ve learned a great deal in a relatively short amount of time, so you should be proud of yourselves. It’s rewarding to me as a coach to see all of you doing well AND enjoying your time while fencing. I couldn’t ask for anything more. I’m looking forward to the new season!



College Fencing Clubs

I know that some of you are looking ahead to college and continuing your fencing training at the college level. Unfortunately not all schools have a varsity fencing team. However, I have found a new list of college fencing clubs that you can use to help you with your college decisions:

College Club Programs (USA Fencing)

I’ve also added this link to the College Fencing page of our site so you can always reference it when needed.

There are many factors that go into the decision of which school to attend. Fencing may or may not be a large factor for you, but maybe it does weigh in there!

Fence well!