Club Officers

2016-2017 HHSFC Officers


Vice President:



Public Relations Officer:


2015-2016 HHSFC Officers

President: Drew Johnson

Vice President: Jack Stuckey

Secretary: Mason Shepherd

Treasurer: Brynn Shallenberger

Public Relations Officer: Naveen Chana


2014-2015 HHSFC Officers

HHS_Fencing_Club_patchPresident: Heather Bucher

Vice President: Abby Miskin

Secretary: Drew Johnson

Treasurer: Luis Meza

Public Relations Officer:  Jacob Ashman

Historian/Statistician: TBD

Webmaster: Jacob Banes, Jacob Ashman


2013-2014 Officers

President: Jacob Banes

Vice President(s): David Tishmack/Sam Schmalzried

Treasurer: Sam Schmalzried

Secretary: Sarah Motley

Webmaster: Jacob Banes


2012-2013 Officers

President: Sarah Motley

Vice President: Mitch Staszewski



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