Tournament Participation

HHS fencers have the opportunity to participate in many local, regional and national tournaments. Participation in these tournaments enables our fencers to achieve recognition, improve their skills, and score points that contribute to the improvement of their rankings. Most of these tournaments are USFA-sanctioned and adhere to the organization’s policies and procedures.

USFA Membership

USFA membership is a prerequisite to participation in such events. Fencers who wish to compete in local, regional and/or national tournaments must have current and valid membership in the United States Fencing Association (USFA). USFA membership must be renewed annually and runs August 1 through July 31. Membership forms are available from USFA, on the web at

Coaches can advise fencers and parents in how to fill out the membership application. It is important that the information pertaining to the division, competition club and coaches be completed accurately.

Each USFA member receives a membership card from the organization. The card notes the fencer’s ranking and membership type. It is important that the fencer retain his/her their USFA membership card. It must be presented at all tournaments in which the fencer desires to participate. The inability to demonstrate USFA membership may disqualify the fencer from participation in tournaments. Moreover, participation in USFA-sanctioned tournament by a non-member threatens the legitimacy sanctity of the tournament and may affect the results and standings.

Tournament Registration

Most, if not all, local and regional tournaments allow registration at the door. Some of the larger tournaments give discounts for preregistration. Check mailings and tournament web sites to see if a tournament has preregistration.

All national tournaments require preregistration, usually 30 days before the competition begins. Late fees are high (triple) and for National Championship late entries are not accepted.

Competitions Fees

Every tournament has entry fees. For Indiana division tournaments entry fees vary. For Regional tournaments entry fees vary. For National tournaments check the web site for the application form. Registration is required 30 days before tournament.