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Can I Fence?

Absolutely no previous fencing experience is required. Most of the people in the club didn’t start fencing until they joined the club.

“The novice may possess great aptitude – he may even possess some extraordinary, God-given gifts. But any suggestion of instinctive fencing ability is sheer nonsense. Therefore, the fundamental importance of good mechanics cannot be overemphasized. You will never become a fencer until you have mastered them. Yet, fencing is so perfect an art that once you have accomplished this, your skill as a fighter will depend primarily upon your individual genius. You will get out of fencing exactly what you put into it. Make no mistake about that.”
-Aldo Nadi, On Fencing


To participate in practices:

  1. You must be a HHS student, or a member of the faculty or staff.
  2. Fill out the Registration forms.
  3. Give the completed forms to Coach Schafer prior to or at your first practice.

Download the 2016-2017 Registration Packet (PDF, 517 kB)
Download the HHS Fencing Club Handbook (PDF, 461 kB)

Any questions about joining club or about fencing in general, please feel free to drop by practices or contact any of our club officers. You can also check out our Facebook group.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need any fencing experience?
No, the club is open to everyone regardless of fencing experience. Whether you are a seasoned fencer wishing to fine tune your skills or have never held a weapon before, you’re welcome to come join us!

Does the club offer lessons for beginners?
Yes! The first couple of lessons will show you the basics of fencing and will not require any weapons or gear.

It’s the middle of the year, can I still join?
Sure. If you’re interested in fencing, we’ll be glad to have you. Club members will spend some time with you individually, teaching you the basics, and then you will be incorporated into drills with the rest of the club.

Does it hurt?
Not really. With proper technique to protect your legs and knees, the worst injuries you will suffer are scrapes and bruises, and even then, they heal quickly.

Where and when does the club meet?
The fencing club practices Tuesdays and Thursdays after school in the main cafeteria. High school fencing meets are held throughout the winter, and tournaments are held mostly in the spring, from February to April. Check the Calendar page for practice times.

How much does it cost to fence?
For the 2016-2017 school year club dues are $20 for new members and $10 for returning members.

Who does the club fence?
We are in the process of establishing competitive relationships with some local clubs as well as a few close to Indianapolis. Additionally, there are a few open tournaments at which we are eligible to compete, such as the Indiana Middle and High School Championship and the Midwest High School Open.

How long until I am “good” at fencing?
That depends heavily on your personal innate ability and work ethic. The best way to get good at fencing is to fence, a lot. Most of our fencers compete in tournaments after their first year. Fencing individual USFA tournaments can greatly increase your skills faster.