Put On Your Thinking Caps

put-your-thinking-cap-onWe’ve completed our first fundraiser, and thankfully we were able to raise some funds for the club. Now that we are past the Thanksgiving holiday and into the start of fencing season, we are in need of some bright ideas on what to do for our next fundraiser.

So put on your favorite thinking cap and come up with some bright ideas. If your parents or friends have an idea of what we can do for our next fundraiser, please pass it on. We have a stiff goal to reach ($5,500), and we have quite a hill to climb if we intend to get equipment for competitions. We have some equipment loans which help us in reaching our goal. By borrowing the equipment for the season, we don’t have to raise as much money to purchase the equipment we need. Discuss it with your teammates, friends, family, cousins, etc. and let’s see what bright ideas we can put into action!

If you have any questions about our budget and what we’re raising money for, contact any of the club officers or myself.


Current fundraising progress as of 11/30/13


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