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HHSFC and the New Year

Happy New Year! I hope that your holidays and vacation have been restful and enjoyable so far. And I hope that you’ve been keeping up with some independent practice of your fencing skills.¬† ūüėČ

We will resume our regular practice schedule on Tuesday, January 6. If you have friends interested in learning about fencing, invite them to a practice. It’s never too late to join!

January opens the season with big tournaments for high school fencing. If you are interested in competitive fencing, this is the month for you. The Midwest High School Open is scheduled for January 17 at Culver, however the registration page is not yet on AskFRED. Registration fees are usually between $20 and$25 per fencer. The Indiana Middle and High School Championship is also typically scheduled in January, however this also has not been posted on AskFRED yet. As soon as any of the information becomes available, I will forward it to everyone. If you are not familiar with or have not registered a profile with AskFRED, read our previous post, Getting Ready for Competitive Fencing. If you have any questions about AskFRED, just let me know.

If you intend to compete, you will need the following gear:

    • Fencing jacket
    • Plastron (underarm protector)
    • Fencing glove
    • Knee-length socks
    • Fencing knickers
    • Foil mask with lame bib
    • Mask cord
    • Foil lame
    • Foil body cord
    • Electric foil

You should already have all of the basic gear which we use for practices. If you do not have all the competition gear required, I may have some that you can borrow, depending on sizing and availability. I have a limited number of knickers, lames, body/mask cords, masks and electric foils. So if you intend to compete but need to borrow equipment, you must let me know in advance what you will need and for which event(s). Equipment will be available on a first come, first serve basis. Email me your requirements with sizes and any other information.

new foil mask with lame bib and mask cord ($55-$75)

new foil mask with lame bib and mask cord ($55-$75)


foil retro fit bib ($13-$15)

If you would like to save some money on a new mask for competition, consider an easy mask upgrade by getting the retro fit lame bibs which adhere to your current mask. Check with your equipment vendor for the correct size for your mask. For example, if you bought your medium-sized mask from Absolute Fencing Gear, you can order the medium-sized retro fit bib for $13. Add a mask cord for $6.50 (from Absolute Fencing Gear) and your mask is ready for competition. This is a significant savings since it would cost $55-$70 for a new mask already fitted with a foil bib. (These price quotes do not include any of the club discounts that we get from some of the equipment vendors.) If you have any questions about equipment, do not hesitate to ask. I’d rather that you got the right equipment the first time you order it rather than go through the frustration and added expense of returning/exchanging equipment.

As always, if you and/or your parents on competitions and equipment, just ask. Looking forward to seeing everyone at practice in the new year!

Club Equipment Order


I will be placing the first club equipment order on Tuesday, October 21. If you would like to order any equipment, please have your order and money ready for on by practice on Tuesday. For those of you considering competition, there will be a few events where a lame bib will be required on your mask (foil fencers). If you have any questions about equipment, contact me as soon as you can with your questions.

If you are looking for some inexpensive items to round out your personal arsenal, check out our Gear for Sale category of the blog. We have some odds and ends that might interest you. ūüôā

Curious about fencing? Check it out!

In case you haven’t heard yet, our callouts are scheduled for tomorrow at 9:06 am and at 3:00 pm. This will be a great opportunity for newbies to check out the fencing club and to learn about what we have in store for the upcoming season. No previous experience is required–only a willingness to learn and a sense of adventure! Returning members should be prepared to practice on Tuesday. (That’s a big hint–bring your equipment.) And, as an added incentive, the first 30 students that turn in their completed registration forms will receive a $10 gift card to our swag shop.

For parents and interested family members, we will also have a couple of parent information meetings to answer all the questions that they may have. If you can’t make it to either of the callout sessions, come to one of the following meetings to learn about fencing and answer all of your parents’ questions at the same time:

Parent Information Meeting 1 – Friday, October 10 at 6:30 pm @ Harrison HS B101BC
Parent Information Meeting 2 РSaturday, October 11 at 11:00 am @ Tippecanoe County Library, Klondike Branch, Tempest Room (3062 Lindberg Road, West Lafayette,  765-463-5893)

I strongly encourage you to attend, even if you’re just a little bit curious about fencing. And you do not need to come to both meetings. We’ll have some light refreshments, and anyone who is interested can come. (Bring your friends, parents and family, but no pets, please!). I’ll go over what the club is all about, what you’ll learn, everything about equipment, and more!

I hope to see you all there!

DIY Hard Blade Cover

FDN-07008-2TI recently ran across an article at Fencing.net that describes how to make a hard blade cover from materials found at your local hardware store (or maybe even laying around in your garage or workshop). This is an easy project that will save some “wear and tear” on transporting your equipment. If you are not familiar with power tools, ask a parent or some other knowledgeable person to help you out. Click on the link below to read the entire article, complete with step-by-step photos:

How To: Make a Hard Blade Cover by Craig Harkins

Upcoming Meet: Harrison vs. West Lafayette


Ol’ Man Winter is still fighting us, but the rescheduled meet at West Lafayette will be this Saturday, February 1 at the Burstfield Gym (Salisbury and Lindberg). The meet is free for WLHS and Harrison fencers, and WL will provide electric equipment for us to use. So, if you haven’t fenced before, this is a great opportunity to fence in a live bout for the first time with little to no costs involved.

Sign up on AskFRED – http://askfred.net/Events/moreInfo.php?tournament_id=25460

The doors open at 2:00 pm, and spectators are welcome (family, friends, school mascots, etc.). Since we will not have much time prior to events starting, perhaps we can meet about 1:15 pm at the Faith West Community Center to get warmed-up and stretched for the upcoming bouts (without gear). Leave a comment down below if you would like meet before the event for warm-ups.

If you will be competing, bring snacks and water since there will be no concessions. As always, if you have any questions, just let me know. We still have to keep an eye on the weather–the forecast is showing a 50% chance for snow on Saturday though I haven’t found anything suggesting any significant accumulation. If you’re on Facebook, stay tuned through our group page.

I’m looking forward to seeing all of you there!

Upcoming Meet: Harrison vs. West Lafayette

86518613_XSOur first pre-season meet is just around the corner! We are fortunate that we have a rival that is just a few miles down the road from Harrison (make traveling easy) and that they are willing to let us use some of their electric equipment in order to compete. So first things first–who is ready for an official bout?

If you are ready for this competition, then you’ll need to sign up for the meet via AskFRED.net. AskFRED is the adopted website of the fencing community that allows us to organize tournaments, meets and even clinics. There is no cost to register at the site (it’s free!), and in this case, there is also no cost for the upcoming dual meet at West Lafayette. We will be referring to this site again in the future for other events.

If you are not yet registered at AskFRED, go to my previous post, Getting Ready for Competitive Fencing, and follow the steps outlined in the article. Once you’ve completed setting up your profile, you can then proceed to register for the meet.

If you are already registered at AskFRED, navigate to the page for the WL vs. Harrison Pre-season event. Click on the link Preregister and follow the instructions on the screen. If for some reason you find that you will not be able to attend, please UN-register yourself from the meet at AskFRED. Tournament organizers spend a lot of time making sure that they have all the resources need to make a tournament or meet run smoothly (referees, equipment, fencing strips, volunteers, etc.). If you decide that you will not be competing after you have already registered, simply log in to AskFRED again and un-register yourself. It’s easy, and it will save a lot time and energy later.

Plan on arriving early enough to get warmed up and stretched. The first event begins at 3:00 pm, so arrive no later than 2:30 pm. For those of you who are interested, we can meet for lunch beforehand at Cafe Literato–we can discuss times at practice.

As always, if you have any questions on any of this, just let me know.

Link to the Harrison vs. West Lafayette Dual Meet – http://askfred.net/Events/moreInfo.php?tournament_id=24943

Map to Burtsfield Gym, 1800 N Salisbury St, West Lafayette, IN, 47906 – http://www.google.com/maps/preview#!q=1800+N+Salisbury+St%2C+West+Lafayette%2C+IN%2C+47906&data=!4m15!2m14!1m13!1s0x8812fd44d94a1aed%3A0xb5cca9b99d9c6fd6!3m8!1m3!1d67425!2d-86.9168429!3d40.452656!3m2!1i1109!2i1066!4f13.1!4m2!3d40.443345!4d-86.9128922

Fencing Safety Rules and Guidelines

safetyfirstFencing is a very safe and lifelong sport. Fencing is often said to be safer than golf. Whether or not this is true, it is an extraordinarily safe sport considering its heritage and nature. The following common-sense safety rules and guidelines help make this sport one of the safest and most enjoyable experiences.

Safety Rules

  1. Mask, jacket, long pants, and glove must always be worn when fencing.
  2. The weapons are to be treated with respect and awareness at all times. Weapons must be carried point down at all times. They are not toys. A weapon is only pointed at another person when that person is fully masked and ready to fence or drill.
  3. Fencers must always be masked when weapons are raised, point forward. This means on all occasions, including discussion of actions and during drills.
  4. Violent fencing actions are not permitted. Fencers must control parries and attacks so that the opponent is not injured by whipping or hard stabbing actions of the blade. If you cannot execute a flick properly, don’t do it. Do not cause body contact nor use the unarmed hand against your opponent. Do not turn your back on your opponent.
  5. Stop fencing instantly if you think something is wrong or if your opponent retreats and waves the unarmed hand or gives any sign of wanting to stop.
  6. If you think a weapon is broken, stop fencing instantly.
  7. If you counterattack, you are responsible for preventing body contact, injury, and weapons breakage.
  8. If you feel a fencer is behaving in a dangerous or uncontrolled fashion, report it to an instructor immediately. They will speak to the fencer without disclosing your identity.
  9. Inspect your weapons and mask each time you use them. If you are using borrowed gear and find any problem please report it to an instructor. Do not put the item in question back into club storage without reporting it.
  10. Wear proper shoes for fencing (court, cross-training or fencing shoes). Please be sure that shoes are clean when entering the fencing floor to avoid dust and moisture buildup which make the floor slippery.
  11. Fencers on the floor have right of way. Persons not fencing are obligated to keep themselves and their gear clear of fencers on the floor.
  12. Report injuries immediately to an instructor.

Guidelines for Clubs & Classes

The goal is to teach the art and science of fencing in a safe environment of mutual respect and self discipline. Just as in a martial arts dojo, the traditions governing behavior in a fencing club have developed over the centuries. These traditions promote respect for one’s self, one’s opponent, the instructors, the weapons, and the tradition itself, as well as promoting safety. Repeated or egregious violations of protocols safety or sportsmanship will not be tolerated. Violators may be removed from class at the coaches’ discretion.

  • It is expected that each student enter and exit the venue respectfully. The instructors are to be addressed as Coach by the students. Students will respond to a coach’s request promptly and respectfully.
  • Each fencer will salute his drill partner before and after every encounter. Each fencer will salute his opponent, the referee, and his/her clubmates before every bout, and salute his/her opponent and shake hands after every bout.
  • When we are playing games or having team contests, cheering for your team is encouraged, but name calling and displays of poor sportsmanship will not be tolerated.
  • Food and beverages are never allowed on the fencing floor. Students are¬†expected to clean up after themselves on the fencing floor, outside the fencing area, and while visiting other teams or clubs. In a club, each student is responsible for maintaining a clean,¬†safe environment for learning. We all depend on one another for the maintenance of¬†¬†the club venue.
  • Respect for one‚Äôs self and others is also a major goal of good sportsmanship and discipline. ¬†Profanity, racial, religious, or sexually degrading comments and¬†coarse joking will not be tolerated. Persons receiving such comments should report them to the Coach immediately.

The sport of fencing is by its very nature competitive. In any given encounter, one person will be victorious, and one will be defeated. Learning to accept victory gracefully is at least as important as learning that defeat can be a lesson. Thus fencing by its very nature teaches sportsmanship, resilience, and mental toughness.

The heart of a fencing club is its students. Following these guidelines, students and instructors can create a safe, fun learning environment.

Fundraising Schedule

Here is a copy of the fundraising schedule:

November 12th

  • Morning (7:10-7:20~)
    • Jacob G.
    • Jacob M.
    • Jack S.
  • Afternoon (2:30-2:50~)
    • Grace H.
    • Sarah M.
    • David T.

November 19th

  • Morning (7:10-7:20~)
    • Heather B.
    • Jacob M.
    • Jack S.
  • Afternoon (2:30-2:50~)
    • Luis M.
    • Devin N.
    • Jack S.
    • Kiyomi T.

November 26th

  • Morning (7:10-7:20~)
    • Jacob G.
    • Jacob M.
    • Jack S.
  • Afternoon (2:30-2:50~)
    • Grace H.
    • Logan K.
    • Sam S.
    • David T.

December 3rd

  • Morning (7:10-7:20~)
    • Kyler B.
    • Heather B.
    • Luz R.
  • Afternoon (2:30-2:50~)
    • Grace H.
    • Sarah M.
    • Devin N.
    • Jack S.

Know your times. Make sure all of the money earned makes it to our Treasurer, Sam. Do not eat a cinnamon roll without exchanging it with money. Be polite and courteous even if the customers are not. Don’t do anything stupid. Smile. ūüėÄ

New Tournament: Noblesville HS Fencing Club Invitational

I received an email from the Noblesville HS Fencing Coach about a tournament coming up next week. This will be their second annual fencing invitational, and the event will be on Friday, May 17. Here are the details:

General Information – Competition is open to any high school fencer between the ages of 14 and 19. Students may fence 1 or 2 blades. The competition will be single elimination because of limited time. The fencing program has grown steadily over the past few years, however they do not have any electric scoring equipment. This will be a “dry” tournament (so all you will need is your practice equipment). Schools/teams entering are asked to supply 2-3 fencers to officiate bouts. Concessions will be available. All proceeds will go to fund the Noblesville HS Fencing Club and cover awards.

Date/Time/Location – Friday, May 17, 2013 starting at 4:30 pm. Competition will take place at the Noblesville High School Freshman Campus Gym located at 1625 Field Drive, Noblesville, IN 46060 (see map below).

Registration – Fencers must complete and submit the attached entry form. There is not entry fee, but spectators will be charged $2 for admission. Any student may enter at no cost with a student ID. All entries are due no later than May 14, 2013 (Mail your form to the address noted above or email directly to the club sponsor). All questions can be directed to the club sponsor, Cathy Dwyer, cathy_dwyer@nobl.k12.in.us.

FormsNHS Fencing Invitational Entry Form NHS Fencing Invitational entry form (Excel); NHS Fencing Invitational Entry Form (Word)